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It is said that nearly 100 million Americans live in some pain. Living every day with chronic pain can have serious long-term side effects throughout your entire body. Chronic pain can target other muscles and ligaments if patients avoid treatment. Don’t live with pain any longer! A chiropractor and nurse practitioner can help with any pain symptoms you may be experiencing. At Family Tree Complete Care, our Chiropractor’s approach to healthcare treats the body as a whole. We analyze all muscles and ligaments to ensure proper care for each client in Oklahoma City. We are not just ‘back doctors.’ Our Oklahoma City chiropractors will treat your ENTIRE body! We focus on a natural, noninvasive, and professional chiropractic approach that can help you feel back in shape. Our patients love our chiropractic treatment because it is proven to have long-lasting results. With sixteen years of experience, we are proud to be the leading chiropractic office. It is our mission to provide life-changing results for every single patient that walks through our doors. Our team of experts and specialists understand that living with discomfort is a health hazard and want to help you treat your pain. For every patient, our expert team creates a customized treatment plan for their unique health needs. Our doctor, Dr. Micah Carter, is an expert at providing chiropractic solutions for back pain, neck pain, pediatric care, urgent care, and more. At Family Tree Complete Care, we are more than just a chiropractic office. We treat every patient with patience and care to ensure a comfortable healing process. We take pride in educating patients to help them live a healthy and strong life by providing lifestyle tips that they can implement in their daily lives. Our goal is to help the community live a stronger and healthier life by treating problems they have avoiding. We believe chiropractic care should be accessible to everyone and affordable. At Family Tree Complete Care, we are proud to announce that we provide advanced care at an affordable rate in a friendly-professional office.

We now offer medical care, physical therapy and more with the help of our team. Our medical care at Family Tree Complete Care is treated for each individual patient. We ensure every patient will receive a treatment plan that is designed for their health needs. It is recommended by our expert, Dr. Micah Carter, to seek professional care if you are seeking medical care to ensure long-lasting results. Our goal is to make sure to treat every patient with the expert care they deserve that will improve their overall quality of life. At Family Tree Complete Care, we are proud to treat patients seeking physical therapy for their injuries they are experiencing. Our physical therapy helps patients improve their physical movement and correct their symptoms. Our experts ensure every physical therapy treatment is successful by using advanced techniques that can help most conditions, illnesses, and injuries. We use special techniques and advanced technology with every physical therapy patient. Our team can also advise on the proper ways to lose weight to live a healthier lifestyle. We strive to help the community to live a healthier lifestyle by providing lifestyle tips, exercise tips, and reaching their health goals. The secret to our success is providing advanced care with customized treatment plans individualized for each patient that will guarantee them a successful health journey. Why wait any longer to seek chiropractic care? Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Micah Carter, to start living a healthier, happier, and more wellness life. Family Tree Chiropractic is in a conveniently located area in Oklahoma. We are located on the main streets of North May Avenue and NW 122nd Street, and off of the highway 74.

Now Offering the Following Services:

    • Urgent Care

Seek urgent care if you are dealing with a chronic medical problem. Dr. Micah Carter can help you restore your health by using advanced care.

    • Primary Care

We are proud to provide primary care for our patients so they can receive general health care at a convient location.

    • OBGYN

We invite all women and moms to choose Family Tree Care Complete for all their health needs to ensure a healthy life.

    • Pediatrics

We invite all families to visit our office to receive check-ups and professional pediatric care for their child. We believe in prevention care for growing children to live a healthier life into their adulthood.

    • Geriatrics

At Family Tree Complete Care, we love taking care of everyone no matter at what age. Our services is proven to manage and treat diseases and disabilities in the senior community.

    • Trigger Point Injections

Our experts target pain and discomfort through Trigger Point Injections that are injected directly into the trigger point. This injection ensures relief that are long-lasting.

    • Medically Directed Rehabilitation

Our professionals are proud to be able to help the community reestablish their life by helping patients reach their health goals.

    • Blood Work

At Family Tree Complete Care, we use blood work to help patients examine their body and improve grey areas in their lifestyle. Blood work is a brilliant tool we recommend to evaluate which areas need to be corrected.

    • Steroid Injections

Steroid injections help with pain and inflammation that can cure many areas of pain including hips, shoulders, ankle, elbows, wrists, spine, and much more.

Services Coming Soon!

  • Plasma Rich Proteins Injections
  • Stem Cell Injections
  • DOT Physicals
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing


Back Pain Massage: Patients who suffer from back pain can now receive a one hour back pain massage for a low rate of $37. We guarantee that patients will see long-lasting results that improve their back pain.

Headache Relief Special: We understand headaches can be a distraction to everyday life activities, which is why we provide a headache relief special for only $57.

Back Pain Special: Patients who suffer from back pain can now receive a back pain evaluation and x-rays if needed for $79 to resolve back problems.

Knee Pain Relief: Find out if cold laser therapy is the treatment for your knee and relieve 50% off.

Monthly Adjustment and One Hour Massage: We are proud to announce our wellness plan of $69 a month to get one wellness adjustment and a one-hour massage each month.

Spinal Decompression: Relieve your pain that is causing sciatica today! Patients can now receive 25% off of sciatica relief and spinal decompression.

Chiropractic Care For Our Chiropractic Patients

Don’t be one of the 100 million! Find relief today with our brilliant expert! Our expert is here for you. There are many benefits to chiropractic care that can help improve your overall quality of life. Chiropractic care helps regulate the nervous system. Experts can help restore your health and longevity by locating pain blocks in the nervous system. Not only can we target the pain, but we make it our goal to use preventive solutions to ensure the pain not coming back. Our team of experts and specialists can’t wait help you live a more wellness life. At Family Tree Complete Care, we implement many techniques in our treatment care so that patients get the best chiropractic care there is to offer. Our services have proven that there is no discomfort we cannot help correcting. Our mission is to correct areas of pain and discomfort and turn lifestyles around to live a long and healthy life. We do this by providing services that truly work and have great results to the human body. Not only are we a chiropractic office, but we also provide many services for the entire family no matter at what age. We take care of our youth, adults, and senior community with brilliant services that help with the discomfort they may be experiencing. Family Tree Complete Care is a family-friendly professional office that provides answers to your questions on why you may be living in pain and discomfort. We are proud on being the leading office with brilliant staff members and advanced services. Schedule an appointment today to renew your life with recommended solutions by professionals.

*Discounts are not applicable with Medicare and other federal insurance plans. Insurance rules apply.

Patient Reviews

Family Tree Complete Care
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Family Tree Complete Care
5 out of 5 stars
“My 4 month old son had been spitting up more than usual so my husband did some research and found that going to a chiropractor might help. I did some looking around and came across Family Tree, they were highly reviewed and for good reason!...” View All! They were everything and more. Dr. Carter was very good with my son and after his session became hungry, after eating this time there was zero spit up. I decided to let Dr. Carter take a look at me since my back had been hurting the day before and I had never been to a chiropractor. As I had my son with me this was a slight problem, but not for Family Tree Chiropractic. They went above and beyond by babysitting my son so that I could be seen. Now both my son and I are doing better thanks to Family Tree Chiropractic and their wonderful staff!!! We will definetly be going back.”
Family Tree Complete Care
5 out of 5 stars
The staff took great care of my daughter! We will be returning for further care.
Family Tree Complete Care
5 out of 5 stars
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