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Back Pain

Back pain nagging you? Oklahoma City Chiropractor can help.

Neck Pain

Neck pain affects a large portion of our society.

Auto Accidents

Screeching tires, broken glass. Now you have pain in your neck, arms and back. Over half of car wrecks result in an injury.


Headaches, or cephalalgia, can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head or neck.


Sciatica is symptom that may be caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots.

Work Injuries

More people than ever are sustaining work injuries and not getting effective treatment for them.

Disc Pain

A ruptured disc can cause extreme pain. Don't get thrown on your back. Get help from Oklahoma City Chiropractor.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves are painful. Have you experienced a pinched nerve? You're not alone. See a chiropractor for real help.


Family Tree Chiropractic in Oklahoma City has been treating patients in this area for years. Come see why we are a favorite!

Choose us for chiropractic care in Oklahoma City.

It is said that nearly 100m Americans live in some sort of pain. In other words, that works out to nearly half of all of us. We won’t accept that.

We are Family Tree, your Oklahoma City chiropractic provider, and we are trying to take a slice out of this awful figure. So far, our office has treated more than 3000 patients. We can do the same for you. If you are tired of living in pain or poor health, contact us today.

We are known as THE Chiropractor for all of Oklahoma City and we even made a feature on Channel 9.

Treatments For Our Patients

Our approach to health care is advanced. We focus not on the symptoms, which may gather in one area of the body. Instead, we seek to heal the body as a whole. A problem that is affecting one area may have effects on other parts. It is vital to keep all of that in mind when seeking treatment. Every patient that walks through our office has their own unique needs.

Issues come in many forms and we treat them as they pop up. We are not just ‘back doctors’. True, OUR family-friendly care can help to align the spine. We do more than that.

We can also advise on the proper ways to lose weight. We just want you to lead a healthy life. This includes advice in the proper food choices. We also offer products to assist your goals.

At Family Tree Chiropractic, we take great pride to provide the finest chiropractic care for our patients. Dr. Micah Carter, Chiropractic expert for Oklahoma City, offers gentle chiropractic treatments that will help you get out of pain. Let us further your overall health and wellness.

chiropractor Oklahoma CityFamily Tree Chiropractic is Here For You

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (405) 586-0993. Or, if you are in the area of the Town and Country Shopping Center, visit us at 12325 N. May Ave., Suite 111A , Oklahoma City, OK 73120. There is no reason to live in pain any longer.

Don’t Be One of the 100 million! Find Relief Today!

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